Webinar 5B - Storing image data in database tables and image presentation components

Webinar 5B has now been uploaded to YouTube

Uploading images,
Resizing images,
Inserting image data into a database table
Binding images to users
Displaying uploaded images
Using Swiper, slideshows, masonry and dynamic image paths

Sorry I missed the lightbox component component at the end, should have followed from Masonary and the Anchor link, will do that as a separate part C video when i get a chance.

There are a number of points I would like to raise to the team resulting from the series of webinars

Most are recommendations for tweaks in the UI or the team are already aware of so I wont create bug reports but will list them so mothers are aware

  1. Dropzone validation on max images to upload didn’t seem to do anything (or i got something wrong). Team are aware

  2. File input form group has a “Make Dropzone” button, Horizontal Form Input group does not. Intentional or omission?

  3. I got a bit confused in webinar 5B when a dropzone did not show as a dropzone. No viewers seemed to understand why also. I finally identified that a dropzone will continue to show as a file upload until the actual form is changed to a server connect form. Obviously I have just never done things in this order so I hadn’t noticed and no-one else seemed to know this “quirk”
    Perhaps when adding a dropzone or changing a file upload to a dropzone the form could automatically be changed to a server connect form or at least a message saying this most be done could be generated?

  4. For a while users have reported issues with the file window not refreshing. Webinar 5B illustrated this, a file “images.php” was created at he start of the webinar and late on I actually had to quit Wappler and reload to get that file to appear in the fields list

Nothing which won’t wait until after your holidays @George , @Teodor, @patrick so relax and enjoy, you have earned your rest

Anyway, webinars back sometime in September, hopefully all based around mobile apps but I am open to suggestions, i may still do the odd impromptu “special”

And again, big thanks to those who joined me in the webinars, you know who you are and without your loyal support this idea would not have worked



I have made my mother aware :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: