Webinar 5B, Image, storing image data and image presentation components

Hi All

Done forget today’s webinar at 3pm GMT finalising the image processing section.

Today we will be looking at storing image links in a database, linking data to users and using the various image component like Swiper, Masonry, Slideshows and Lightbox

Next weeks proposed webinar on mobile development will have to be deferred, there are simply two many issues to resolve to allow this to go ahead and 1 session is simply not enough to do justice to this topic hence it will be put back.

I will be taking a summer break from webinars and plan to resume them some time in September dependent on workload and personal commitments and envisage a series of webinars dedicated to mobile app development.

So please join me today for the last webinar in this series, thanks @Dave for all the great work on Mobile apps which are proving invaluable in preparing for the next series and a big thanks to all those dedicated watchers who have stuck with me throughout the last 6 weeks