Webinar 5 - Image management

Hi All

Don’t forget it’s Webinar 5 today at 3pm GMT

I can’t believe that we are at number 5 already

Webinar 5 will be a two part webinar covering image upload and management.

The fill itinerary is:

  • Adding images to contacts
  • Uploading images
  • Resizing images
  • Adding image effects
  • Inserting image data into a related database table
  • Displaying uploaded images
  • Using Swiper, slideshows, masonry,lightbox and dynamic image paths

Today will be a gentle introduction where we will start with the basic single image upload then develop this into a multi file drop zone complete with a progress bar to show the upload progress with larger uploads.
We will look at the various image management components allowing for resizing, effects, watermarking etc

I suspect that will take us to about the hour mark but i remain flexible where the break occurs

This means next week we will look at storing image upload details in a database table, dynamic data paths, binding images to users and we can then look at how this data can be used with the Swiper, Masonry and Slideshow components

Hope you can join me, that’s 3pm GMT today, 23rd July 2019

Please use this link: