Webhook question

With our phone supplier we have the option to use web hooks for incoming calls etc.
The information it sends through is:

  "type": "user_inbound",
  "unique_call_id": "160455961758",
  "caller_id": "61300000000", 	
  "caller_name": "XYZ",
  "user_name": "John",
  "user_number": "1010",
  "dest_number": "44123456789",   
  "call_start_at": "2020-11-05T07:00:18.000Z",
  "queue_name": "",
  "ring_group_name": ""

For the life of me I can not work how to integrate this in Wappler to listen out for the web hook, is it even possible ??
It it is, could someone give me an idea where to start, the web hook info mainly points to strip and nothing else.
Any help would be really appreciated.

To receive the webhook, you simply create an api and provide the url of that api in the setup of the webhook.

The webhook will POST its data to your api, which you can consume just like any other post.

sorry different account but same person:
ok but how does that listen for the webhook?
for example this one is for incoming calls, so when there is a call it then checks the customer db and pulls up the customers records.

An with nodejs what would the be end point of the webhook?
I need it to be listening on the NodeJS app

Sorry new to this part of it :slight_smile:

Create an API call in Wappler and configure it’s URL in your phone company’s system. When a call in made theirs end, they will send data to your API call and you can process it as you wish.

It’s a similar project for a call center and it’s working with a webhook as well, maybe it will work for you.

cheers for that, what do I put as the endpoint on my phone system web hook? do I point to the api or create a web hook. This is where I am getting a little confused on where to point it to in a nodeJS app.

The webhook section is for Wappler supported hooks—Stripe at the moment.

Just create an API. The url is http(s)://domain.com/api/your_folder/your_api_name.

yeah I have been trying that, but it just does not seem to work.

What I want to do is create a notification for every one logged in on the site so they can click the button and it pulls up the customer details, but I am not seeing the database query on the page when I call the number.

Not sure I am working this the right way.

First step - makre sure you are receiving the webhook.

I suggest sending yourself an email when the webhook is called and include the data received

Use SendMail and set the body to {{$_POST.toJSON()}}

Once you know it’s firing the webhook, you can begin to debug / implement the next steps