Web Site Doesn't Load Once Viewed A Few Times In A Browser

I’ve built the first version of my app’s web site using Wappler. I’m getting this strange thing where once it has been viewed on a specific browser on my computer, then the next time I come to view it the pages don’t load until I clear the browser cache.

Can someone look at the site code and tell me if I’ve done something to cause this?

The site is at www.workshop-angel.com.


What browser are you using?

It happened with both Chrome and Firefox…

Do you see any errors in the console, when this happens?

Good question… I’ve just cleared the cache so need to wait for it to stop working again!

Hi @Teodor… here is what is on the console:

crbug/1173575, non-JS module files deprecated.
(anonymous) @ VM9:7146

I’ve googled that error message but the pages talking about it don’t make any sense to me!

Hey Antony reloaded your site a few times and all works fine.

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Same here been sat with it open on safari Mac for about a hour did refreshes at the start still no issues on my end.

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@Dave, @Sorry_Duh, ave you tried closing the browser and re-opening it again?

+1. I checked the site on all installed browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge. Everywhere the site works without complaints. I did repeated site openings. It always opens.

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Yep all works Antony. :wink:

I also can’t recreate the issue.

Maybe you have some weird browser extensions causing troubles. Try disabling those.

Otherwise something might be wrong generally with your pc.

George has a good point! Just to let you know @Antony we have Ad Block Plus, uBlockOrigin, and Privacy Badger extensions in Chrome and Firefox. Running fine with those. Maybe try a stock browser, any alternative to whatever you're using currently.

Thanks for all your feedback folks!

My biggest concern was that clients cannot see the site and you’ve all made me feel much more comfortable that this is not the case.

Thanks for taking the time to help me! :slight_smile:



Best of luck with the Project Antony, hope its a tremendous success as we all know how much work you have put in sir!



@patrick, do you know why my site should be creating this console error message?

A google search of the error message indicates it's a browser plug in issue.