Web Awesome (from Font Awesome Team)

Build better with Web Awesome, the open source library of web components from Font Awesome. Upgrade to Pro and ship websites faster!


Hope to see support of this in Wappler some where in the future.


Looks interesting, it’s early days but there’s a lot of potential in there.

For me it’s like - Bootstrap on steroids with dozens of components for free.

For instance - no more “buggy” Tagify - https://shoelace.style/components/tag
Progress bar - https://shoelace.style/components/progress-bar
Nicely styled alerts - https://shoelace.style/components/alert

And many, many more.

And yes, they hit founding goal in 2 hours! :slight_smile:

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I think the Wappler team should be jumping in on this as soon as possible. Would be a game changer when it comes to front end design.


@Notum maybe add as a feature request so the community can vote.

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This is now a feature request. I think a lot of people will be interested in this. Get those votes in!


Web Awesome is merely a library of Web Components as described by Mozilla.

It currently uses Shoelace Web Components. This library will be expanded under the name of Web Awesome.

Wappler already has a number of Web Components included, such as <dmx-notifications>, <dmx-datastore>, <dmx-stripe> and many more.

Even custom extensions created for Wappler, are in fact Web Components with the advantage that these include the App Connect User Interface. As an example, see dmx-youtube-player. For usage, see

The advantage, Wappler components all use Bootstrap for styling. Using libraries like Shoelace can cause style rules to be repeated multiple times, unless a CSS library like Bootstrap is used.

Think about it, <dmx-youtube-player> or <sl-youtube-player>