Wapppler and custom bootstrap4 themes

I have an adminLTE theme that already has 4 bootstrap implanted.

I can not use the components in the wappler only with the native bootstrap wappler 4, this is annoying.

today we have 2 options of installation of framework, cdn and local. add an option called custom.

where the wappler does not generate the codes on the screen.

and still releases the bootstrap4 components

why not use local then change the file content with yours?

because when it updates the wappler it rewrites the bootstrap

I would like to use themas premium https://www.creative-tim.com/product/black-dashboard

and this is now being complicated in the wappler

When I leave my css, I can not use modal or notifications

have you tried to include the custom css after bootstrap in your page?

Sure, but mine already has the included bootstrap4

so I received two bootstrap4 calls