Wappler won't update

I am using wappler 3.0.1
I see that there is version 3.0.2

Using the check for updates in the tray menu I get nothing?
I will update manually but would be good if this worked in future.

I had this same problem so did it manually

Yes that’s what I did.

I updated fine with the built-in updater. What version of MacOS are you on?

I have osx 10.11

Hmm, not sure if that would be why or not. That’s quite an old version. I’m on 10.15 and it’s been fine.

Perhaps, this is the latest version I can use for the time being. I don’t think Wappler officially supports it (10.12+).

If Wappler works generally then you might just have to stick with updating it manually.

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We will be adding automatically CDN download for all the future updates of Wappler, so it will be downloaded from a server location close to you.

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