Wappler won't startup on Mac - too old OSX

What system requirements are required to run Wappler.

I have an Imac running 10 but wapppler just starts but vanishes.

I also have a windows 32 bit system but Wappler will not run on it either.

Can anyone help?

Normally Wappler should run fine on Mac OSX 10.13+ and Windows 10 64 bit

Could you please state your exact system version? Also the graphical card that you might have.

And also zip and include the Wappler debug log as stated in:

Then we can investigate.

My Imac is 27 inch
Processor … 3.06 intel core 2 Duo
Mempry … 4 Gb DDR3
Graphics … ATI Radion HD 4670 250 Mb
Operating System … OSx 10. 8. 5

Hope this helps resolve my problem. I click to start Wappler and a notice appears saying Wappler has quit unexpectedly. Only the notice appears on screen. Wappler does not even try to open.
Many thanks for your help.

Is it possible to upgrade OSX on your iMac? The minimum required version for Wappler is currently OSX 10.10

Many thanks for your help Patrick. I will download the latest OS for my IMac and hopefully that will sort things out.