Wappler with Xano on Netlify?

Hi, I’m new to Wappler and just dipping my toes into development. I know the front end languages but I have no idea of deployment, SSL certification, HTTPS, routing, etc. So, even the thought of deploying my app over to a PaaS such as Heroku feels like I’ll make some mistake and screw up everything.

Hence, as an option I was thinking if a dynamic application built on Wappler that does not use any server side components is something that can be deployed on Netlify (as a “static” web app) and then I can connect it with REST API to a service like Xano?

I know Wappler can handle the server side stuff pretty well but my unclear understanding of the same doesn’t give me the confidence I need to go ahead with that.

The client-side framework from Wappler can work with almost any API that outputs JSON.


Hi there, I saw another one of your posts and it reminded me of my feelings when first getting started with Wappler. It can feel like a vertical climb for a long time!

Here’s my suggestion: try Docker instead of a managed app platform. Docker will allow you to do 100x more than Netlify, and once you get your arms wrapped around it, you will feel like you can do anything (and you can!)


Yes, but you’d need to use something like wget -m to get the final HTML for each page you have, as otherwise those pages are served through templates which are rendered server-side

You’d miss the integration between front-end and back-end Wappler provides, this is more notable when you’re trying to do things like forms, you can automatically grab fields you specify in the back-end and stuff

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Thank you @patrick @nomad @Apple for your comments. So with the command wget -m I can create final files in HTML with JS and CSS that can potentially be hosted on Netlify and will be making calls to the backend API? Please let me know if I’m getting this correctly.

Yes, if you want to use Xano that works. Make sure you don’t use internal (SPA) links, as these rely on a server-side component (it’s a checkbox when putting a link on your page, on the NodeJS server target)

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