Wappler with Azure web app and sql database


Hi, I’m trying to set up a web app on azure.

I have both a local and remote (Azure Web App) target in my Wappler project. Both are working and I can publish files to Azure via FTP. Where there’s no database connection Azure is working OK.

I can connect the local setup to an Azure SQL database using the SQL Server Native connection:

If I switch to the remote Azure hosted target the database connection won’t work:

and if i use the SQL Server connection:

I can’t add an ODBC driver to the Azure Web App as they’re locked down, so I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to try. There are a few similar posts around Azure and Wappler but I can’t find any that seem to come to a positive conclusion!

Any one any ideas?



I am having the exact same issue, I have a large post written up about it, but this is essentially the issue that is holding me back.

@sbecks Have you found a solution or work around to this yet? Is your app PHP based? As in do you have PHP selected in the project settings as the server model?

Does Wappler only use ODBC for database connections?

I have been trying to work around this for the last week to no avail. I was wondering if we could use the connection strings in the Azure sqlserver to manually create a database connection file, so that we can use all the rest of the Wappler functionality.

I would just really like to know if this is a limitation in Wappler or if there is a possible workaround.


Hi Simon - welcome to Wappler!

When running PHP - Wappler uses PDO for all database access.

So when connecting to Azure - always make sure the PDO SQL Server Driver is installed on your web server. See