Wappler Weekly Challenge #1 - Winner!


Today we’d like to announce our very first Wappler Weekly Challenge winner!

This is @psweb with his “Holiday to Dubai” showcase

Here’s a short explanation from Paul, who describes how he created the page:

Congratulations, Paul!


Congrats @psweb . Pretty awesome. Good job.


Well done Paul, great job.


Congrats @psweb … perfect


Congrats @psweb
very nice and thank you for explanation. very interesting!


Thank you to everyone for the kind words and support, very proud that so many talented people approve of what i created. Thanks.

@George, am i allowed to enter this weeks too? I might have a strange idea for implementation.


Sure, you can enter every week :smile:


Great job Paul!

Would it be possible for your to present this api project via tutorial video? It would certainly help many of us who are new to using the Wappler api feature.

Thanks for your consideration.


Can’t see why not it was a fairly quick thing to actually do, I would just have to fuzzy out some of my API keys really.


Really nice work Paul and a worthy winner! Really impressive work - keep it up :+1:


Great job Paul . If you can provide a tutorial on how you did it it would be wonderful.

Thanks for your work.

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