Wappler website as project template or public repository

Bubble has this fun app called the ‘Meta_Public’ app. It’s a read-only copy of their actual website(not the builder). I was always thought it was a cool neat feature.

You can explore it here:


And you can check it against their homepage https://bubble.io to verify it’s their actual website.

I think it would be fun and good for new people that are always asking about showcases if you could do something similar with yours. And not only for new people. Others my take advantage of seeing first hand how the developers of the product use their own product.

Obviously, change any real data for dummy data(databse, API keys, etc).

Soooo slow to load…

It’s a good idea, are you thinking of a web based electron app of Wappler? How would that tie in with the current 7-day trial?

Slow as hell :smiley:

Nono, just the marketing site: wappler.io

If I am not mistaken it is built with Wappler(app).

I thought it would be cool if people could actually see how it’s built.

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