Wappler UI hangs while setting remote Docker target

Wappler v5.3.3

  1. Added Hetzner provider
  2. Created server
  3. Restarted Wappler, UI shows server green light
  4. Went to add new target “Staging”, Docker remote, selected the server previously setup
  5. Changed NodeJS port to another number
  6. Wappler UI hangs while scrolling down to see the database configuration

Steps 3 to 5 are repeated after forcing a Wappler restart, and UI hangs again

Also not possible to define Docker project name


Wappler UI is still hanging while creating a remote Docker target, I can’t use Wappler’s Docker deployment functionality

Could you add a short video showing the problem? Maybe also include a debug log.

I went to record a video and debug log and this time worked :roll_eyes: