Wappler Souce Code


Is Wappler Providing Source code of it’s components or entire application’s source code.

Basically I want to modify the in-built (Wappler Provided) components to fulfill my custom requirement.

Or Can I make Extension by extending Wappler Existing Components for my custom requirements.


You can extend Wappler via server extensions:

And via App Connect extensions for the front end:

I have already gone through links you shared… This is for creating new extension… But I want following things to be achieved

  1. Extend Wappler Provided Component and add custom features of my need.
  2. Modify the Wappler Provided Components (Are they providing source code for modification)


Yes, you can extend existing components if you want to.

An example can be found here.

More information over writing component can be found here.

Source code of the components is not provided, at least not directly. The source maps are available, so you can look into the original code using devtools.