Wappler replaces { for hex

Hi Everyone
i am trying to add a manual link to a piece of text and when i do it in code, wappler re-writes the code


how can i get wappler to accept the code i write


many thanks


How do you write the link? Please paste the code.

Hi Teo
Thanks for the quick answer. I did paste the code but Wappler changes the brackets {} to hex

Here is a video to demonstrate it.

Looks like you are trying to add dynamic values to a static url here, in dynamic attributes add link:

Also the blue icon with 2 arrows next to the lightning bolt will allow you to select the page you want to link to and then select the params


Thanks for the quick answer will check.
Many thanks again


Correct, the dynamic urls need to be added as dynamic attributes.

Hi There
cant figure it out what i am doing wrong…
when i click on the two arrows there is no pages.

Just click the lightning bolt icon to pick a dynamic value…

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Apologies for the confusion that panel is for if you use rewriting urls for example converting www.site.com/somepage?username=1 to a url looking like www.site.com/somepage/1/sorry_duh

As Teodor said just use the lighting bolt in this case as yours isn’t rewriting.

thanks everyone … done it.
thanks for being there.