Wappler refusing to write sql custom query of table varchar columns in utf8mb4_general_ci

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Wappler Version :2.4.3
Operating System :Mac Catalina

Expected behavior

I should be able to Select variables from a msql table for a custom query with no regard as to whether data is int, text, varchar and see all of the variables picked up from row to row


Actual behavior

What actually happens?

Wherever the mysql field is in the recommended utf8mb4_general_ci collation type the text data ought so be picked up such as Dienstag or Factory Hotel Münster

However in Wappler it doesn’t create a normal sql query.
As a result the data does not show in my table view, the DATA is only the Table Column name over and over.

Here are 2 views of what I see–only in the varchars set up as utf8mb4_general_ci

does Wappler refuse to pick them up and construct the column names in the sql query properly.


I see you are using spaces in your database column names. That’s a really bad idea. Please try replacing the spaces with underscores _ and try building your query and page again.

Yes, you’re Correct, of course!
I always make mysql columns with lowercase & no spaces or using an underscore _ to join two parts together.

Wappler came across the first table the Client sent with Excel naming.

I’ve reworked it to my normal sql values –

SELECT event_id, eventdate, eventday, eventhotel, eventcity, eventseats, eventqueue FROM drk_hotels

I’ll rerun Wappler now.

Thank you, Teodor!

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