Wappler Redis Toolkit

Wappler Redis Toolkit


Wappler Redis Toolkit is a powerful extension allowing Wappler users to interact directly with Redis. This includes operations like inserting, updating, retrieving JSON, manipulating counters, managing keys, handling collections, and executing custom Redis commands.


  • Functioning Redis connection, specified within the Wappler server config, Redis connection defined with ENV variables, or a user-defined db in the extension UI.
  • The ioredis library needs to be installed in your project.


  • Via Wappler UI by searching for wappler-redis-toolkit
  • Or via npm i wappler-redis-toolkit

Optional ENV Variables

  • REDIS_PORT: The Redis port.
  • REDIS_HOST: The Redis host.
  • REDIS_DB: The Redis database.
  • REDIS_PASSWORD: The Redis password.
  • REDIS_USER: The Redis user.
  • REDIS_TLS: The TLS certificate. Define it is {} if you need a TLS connection without defining a cert.


Insert JSON to Redis

Stores JSON data in the specified Redis key.

Get JSON from Redis

Retrieves JSON data from the specified Redis key.

Delete Value from Redis

Deletes the specified key-value pair from Redis.

Update JSON in Redis

Updates the JSON data in the specified Redis key.

Increment Counter in Redis

Increments the counter at the specified Redis key.

Decrement Counter in Redis

Decrements the counter at the specified Redis key.

Get All Keys in Redis

Fetches all keys currently stored in Redis.

Run Redis Command

Allows running of custom Redis commands.

Get All Key-Value Pairs

Fetches all key-value pairs currently stored in Redis.

Expire Key in Redis

Sets an expiration time on a given key.

Rename Key in Redis

Renames the given key.

Check if Key Exists in Redis

Checks if the specified key exists in Redis.

Get Expiration TTL

Gets the TTL (time to live) of a specified key.

Add Elements to Set

Adds elements to a specified Redis set.

Add Elements to List

Adds elements to a specified Redis list.

Remove Item from Set

Removes the specified item from a Redis set.

Remove Item from List

Removes the specified item from a Redis list.

Remove Duplicates from List

Removes duplicate items from a specified Redis list.

Get Collection Length

Returns the length of a specified Redis list or set.