Wappler properties panel missing after switching screen

I use Wappler on a Macbook connected to an ultra-wide monitor. That works fine, but if I disconnect the Macbook to work somewhere else, then the sc properties panel is not visible anymore. Restarting Wappler doesn’t help, so I have to reinstall it whenever I work elsewhere.

Before reinstalling Wappler:


You maybe able to avoid needing a reinstall using the reset panels option not something I’ve encountered to comment on:

Located when pressing the cog in the bottom left of Wappler:

Using a similar setup (MBP, 49“ UW in my HO, 32“ at work) but no problems here (except Wappler always opens in full screen on the 49er.

Question: M1 or Intel MBP? Many of my friends have issues with larger resolution display on the smaller machines, eg. 13“ MBP M1 or Airs)

Just reset the panel sizes and this will fix the issue.

@Teodor @Sorry_Duh Thanks!. I missed the option to reset the panel size.

@HeikoK M1 14" and yeah it might be the high resolution and small screen.