Wappler Paginator?

When will launch the bootstrap4 paginator?

It will be integrated in the coming weeks.

Hi Teodor,
As I’ve mentioned before, the problem with certain unavailable features (like this one) is the difficulty of creating them from scratch. This is the disadvantage of using a product like Wappler; if it was straight PHP or a more standard framework, it wouldn’t be a problem and there would be lots of documentation and examples if needed.

I know ‘coming weeks’ can mean ‘coming months’. It doesn’t sound like a high priority, but for me (and I’m sure others) it is critical. For a site with thousands of items, having just previous/next buttons is not an option.

The updating of your Dreamweaver extensions to Bootstrap 4 has been going along slowly for several months and has come to a halt recently (I know, you’ve been busy with Wappler). Pagination was coming in a ‘couple of weeks’ three weeks ago.

What would you suggest for implementing a pagination feature? Could I create it using the Bootstrap 3 extensions (which work well), convert it to Bootstrap 4 (I haven’t tried the conversion facility), and then open this in Wappler (perhaps - or not bother with Wappler). Perhaps I should just try step one and fiddle with the generated code. What do you think would be the best solution?

Hello Tom,
You can just use prev/next buttons with page status for now and just implement paging when it is available. And it will be sooner than “Months”. Last couple of weeks we were quite busy preparing the release and the main functionality of Wappler running without issues.

Paging generator is not what most of the users need. Most of our users need a properly functioning design tools for building page layouts - paging, dynamic tables and forms generators are being used by a small percentage of users here.

I know from your perspective it is important, but we prioritized the requested features and first completed integration of the most needed ones.
Now we can start integrating the rest of the requested features in our weekly updates.

Thanks Teodor,
It’s good to hear the feature is fairly imminent anyway.

My sites don’t have very large numbers of records - typically 1000s, up to about 30,000. The problem is these sites already have ‘proper’ pagination features and I need to upgrade some of them. The owners would (understandably) not be pleased with an ‘upgrade’ that looked more like a downgrade in key areas. I shall carry on waiting.


OK, but I imagine you hope to attract much wider interest in the future. I expect pagination would be considered a pretty fundamental feature by many/most developers - and it's one of Bootstrap's components.


Tom, a pagination feature is built in App Connect already. Everybody who needs fundamental paging options can use it.
What you are asking for is a more advanced option and it is coming really really soon as I explained already.