Wappler opens server action when switching through projects

I’m working a lot on multiple projects and each time I change from one project to another Wappler opens a server action of the last active php page and puts it in from.

This is so annyoing. Can you please switch this off? Thanks in advance.

This has actually been happening for many versions. Mine opens random server actions when I switch projects. I haven’t reported it because I am still trying to find a pattern of when it happens.

Mine open the pages that you left open last time before closing wappler. I don’t know if this use ram ??

More details on when this exactly happens will be very useful.

I find this option useful when you try to copy any element from one project to another. Wappler keeps open the the pages or files that is used. At the end there is a button that says Close All.

For me it happens all the time. I keep php pages open and when I switch between projects, Wappler always opens related server actions. The annoying part is that these server actions always end up on top so I have to close them.

It’s not about keeping them open it’s about Wappler opens related server actions as well and puts them as top window so I have to close it each time I change a project.

OK, sorry not my case. :slight_smile:

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