Wappler learning documentation

Hi All,

I’m new to this community and the old DW stuff created by this team. I’m in need of some documentation to get me going with the basics and up to the advanced stuff? I was assured there would be proper materials when the product launched but I can’t seem to find anything.

The marketing materials claim that this is easier to use than Wix and Webflow. I like that because I come from a Webflow background and that product was slick and their documentation is second to none.

This looks promising but I am slow when it comes to this stuff and need all the direction I can get lol.

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At the moment, documentation leaves a lot to be desired. Knowing the way that these guys work, keep an eye on this YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6KNYNmOwBetYIczr71vJw/videos


Hi All,
Could you guys add a basic “How To” tip section to the forum until more robust documentation is complete? i.e. * How to reposition image * How to add HTML elements, etc… It would really help the frustration level of knowing what we need to do and being unable to find the elements needed. It doesn’t need to be pretty, just informative.

Just want to confirm that documentation, even if it is only some basic but specific examples to begin with would be most helpful. I feel that I am wasting a lot of time just getting started testing things out … even setting up FTP transfers isn’t proving to be quick (connection says “successful” but I errors abound when putting files … probably a simple setup issue where an example would could save a lot of time).

The documentation will be online in a couple of days.
If you have issues putting files to your ftp server please open a new topic in bugs category, so we can investigate it.

Hello all,
Please check the documentation here: https://github.com/Wappler/docs/wiki

We will be updating it and adding new tutorials in our weekly updates. I hope the current tutorials are enough to get you started with Wappler and its main features.

I thought Youtube was going to be used for video tutorials?

Well, the feedback we received recently is that people prefer downloadable and printable documentation. You’ll be amazed how many people are complaining they “have to pause the video and resume it” to see what’s going on, and how many people actually need a printable documentation format (in 2018) :slight_smile:

Of course video tutorials are coming but for the basic stuff needed to get users started we provide the documentation like that.
It will also be available as PDF, so people can download (and print) it.


@brad, @ben and @psweb If you want you can help with the docs. That is the advantage of the github wiki - everybody can edit in its visual editor.

We can use more formatting and editing initially and later you can also add your own sections if you want.

So let me know if you want to help I can give you edit rights on github

We plan to export later the github wiki to a full docs site at Wappler.io

Would love to help out @George

Great! Well I invited you all @psweb, @brad and @ben to join the Wappler’s Editors team on github.

So you should have a write access now to the Wiki.

So check all the texts, see if the explanations are all well and clean. Maybe add some more explanation, intro text if needed, sub titles to divide the text better.

The Wiki uses a real easy markup and has a visual editor so you can edit directly. It keeps also very well versions and changes.

To learn more about github wiki check;

Thank you for your help! We greatly appreciate it!

I will have to learn how to use both the Wiki and Wappler first :wink:

A day without learning is a day wasted

:slight_smile: go for it Brad! You can describe things so well - we can really use your help to bring out the message and make it perfectly clear to new comers.

I will certainly help out where I can. I need Wappler to succeed. If Wappler succeeds then I can succeed at my job.


Well said Brad! That is valid for us all. That is why we are working so hard - and also enjoy every moment of Wapplers development and feedback!

Just had a first quick look at the docs and I am very impressed with how they’re laid out with such simple and easy to follow instructions and a graphic to go with each step - at least in the sections I’ve had the short time to look at so far. Very good work and well worth the wait!


Anything in there on API Connections? :wink:

Just getting up to scratch and look forward to being of assistance.

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I think the documentation is a very good start. I like the concise, clear descriptions and the screenshots are very helpful.

Videos can certainly be useful but using them to find a specific answer to a technical point can be very frustrating and time-consuming. If videos are added in due course, links to relevant videos within the documenation articles would be a good idea.

The screenshots demonstrate the huge number of options and permutations available; the documentation would have to be 100 times longer to cover every one of these, and in many cases explanations wouldn’t be needed anyway. However there are options which I recognise from the DW extensions and which I assumed were never actually implemented. As they’re still there, perhaps they do work and would help solve problems. The options under variables is an example (see screenshot below).

Technical information about arrays for example was difficult or impossible to track down in the DW extensions. I wondered if it was considered ‘too technical’ and might deter people who assumed such knowledge wouldn’t be needed as the extensions were so easy to use (as long as you don’t need such features). I fear the same approach might be taken with Wappler, particularly as the visual side is emphasised to such an extent.

I hope documentation will be added which explains such technical matters - and perhaps indicates if features are missing. Eg I’ve spent hours trying to understand how arrays are implemented - and concluded that there are too many features missing for them to work (but I could be quite wrong). I realise this won’t be a priority, but if Wappler is to attract a wider audience, I think this type of information will be needed, particularly if such powerful features are available but more or less hidden.


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I agree - as I said it’s a great start but in time, which I understand is the intention, having docs for all features would be ideal. Also, what’s difficult or easy for one person may well be different for someone else so if everything is covered that’s great for everyone.

I think the docs are the most important but it would be nice to have some videos down the line. I find videos are great for getting a basic understanding and general overview of a process and then using the docs as you actually work step by step.