Wappler keeps recreating connections even though I delete them from the filesystem

Wappler Version : 2.9.1
Operating System :MacOs Catalina

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?

If I delete a connection from the UI it should be deleted.
If I delete a db config file from the filesystem it shouldn’t appear in the UI.

Actual behavior

What actually happens?

Nothing. Wappler doesn’t allow me to delete db connections from the Database Manager and if I try to delete them from the filesystem they will be recreated once I open the database manager.

How to reproduce

  1. Delete a connection. It doesn’t delete it.
  2. Delete it from the filesystem. It still appears in the UI and will recreate the file.
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While you fix this. Where is this info stored? I really need to delete the connections and keep working.
There must be a cache file that is storing information from the UI and recreating the files.

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Ok. It has to do with SC connection files.
It would seem that you can’t delete from the database manager a SC connection.

Which brings me again to my Feature Request to streamline all this for the future.

If it’s not going to be allowed maybe a tag besides the database connection that shows it’s a SC db connection would be ok.

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Yes, I agree.

I assume just deleting the connection file in /dmxConnect/modules/Connections doesn’t work?

Hi Brian,

Yes that “fixed” my particular problem.I remembered about the SC integrations and I deleted it there.

Nonetheless bug is still there in the UI.