Wappler jquery library elements (e.g. datepicker, autocomplete, etc) not working with jquery-steps library

Hi guys, i’m using the jquery-steps library to create a multi-step form wizard.
Unfortunately if I use any of the wappler elements like date picker ,range picker, auto-complete, etc inside the library doesn’t work.
I did some investigation on the issue and found out that the jquery-step library needs to be initialized first before any library element used inside it (see links below post).

So for example for the date picker, the jquery-library should be initialized before the date picker initialization like below:

$(function () {
// jquery-steps initialization
    bodyTag: "fieldset",
    headerTag: "h4"

// datepicker initialization

So my question is:

  1. Where are the wappler elements like date picker initialized?
  2. Where should I place my jquery-step initialization code to ensure that it executes before the wappler libraries initialization?

Yes I know I can custom build my own multi-step form wizard without using the jquery-step library.
I’ve read the tutorial on this forum and i’ve tried it but have very good reasons why i need to use the jquery-step library instead of custom create my own forms.