Wappler hosting is live

It’s been a challenge to build a complete domain registration and hosting platform in 2 weeks but WapplerHosting.com is now live in Beta

I am only classing it as Beta as it has not been fully tested user yet. There may be a few bugs related to system messages and and email content but the actual registration module seems to be functioning perfectly. Regardless any issues can easily be put right by me.

3 levels of shared hosting are offered, Basic, Standard and Professional with a choice of Linux or Windows servers.

All are offered on the same cloud based servers. Running on Dell 12 core Intel Xeon servers with all SSD storage, these servers are completely autoscaling and load balanced so your site will experience optimum performance regardless of the load on neighbours sites.

Servers are UK based with a 10GB connection.

The only difference between the platform is the storage amounts offered and the number of MySQL databases and mailboxes included. MSSQL servers available as an additional option

Prices range from £49.99 (GBP) to £99.99 plus domain registration cost per year

The first 10 users can ask me for a discount code and receive a massive 75% discount (1 max per customer) on hosting meaning users can get a full years hosting plus .com domain name for as little as £24.50 inclusive, that’s around 27 Euros or 30 USD at current exchange rates

Payment can be via Stripe or PayPal

So get top quality scaleable cloud based hosting at a price which makes GoDaddy look expensive

And of course all hosting is tried and tested with Wappler so you are assured of no setup problems
So grab a bargain today, get top quality cloud hosting at a price you wont find anywhere else on the web!

Please don’t clog up this forum with general enquires about this hosting, Wappler Hosting is approved BUT INDEPENDENT of the Wappler product so this forum should NOT be used for general enquires however feel free to send me a personal message or use the contact form on the website.

Any questions, please just ask me by message