Wappler Freelance /Jobs Portal and very first Wappler Contest

Hi everybody,

As some of you already know I am planning to launch freelance/job portal for Wappler lovers. The current eta will be end of August. When the portal is done I like to organize a kind of Wappler Contest to courage Wappler professionals to go beyond their capabilities. I believe those initiatives gives Wappler and the Wappler Community it’s well deserved interest.

I am not 100% done with contest requirements but I am willing to rise a very good reward by myself. That’s why I need your help. Please share your idea’s on this if you like.

@George, maybe you and your team can also participate as jury. What do you think?

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Of course! I’m all in to help. I did try to organize various contests a while ago and they were pretty successful. Just haven’t had time to do any new ones lately.

I’m sure many of our @wappler_ambassadors will love to get involved as well.

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Great. Everyone, please share us much as information/idea’s that we can come up with a good plan.

My suggestion would be to have 2 or maybe 3 categories: Best Website, Best Web App, Best Mobile App so we can also get some examples of mobile app dev in Wappler. I know getting prizes for so many winners would be tough, but maybe we can request some sponsors from the forum…?

Hi Pixlapps,

Thank you very much for your feedback. Great suggestions. We will definitely need sponsors to cover the rewards.

Morning @pixlapps, just my thoughts… try to use words like ‘Most Inventive’, or ‘Most Innovative’ rather than ‘Best’, as I am sure you would want to look for creative ways in which Wappler’s core tools have been used rather than the best graphic design.