Wappler for iPad (Native App)

the iPad is quickly turning into a primary machine for coding and design. With the Apple Pencil, this took the iPad (especially the Pro) to an entire new place.

Just wondering if the iPad would be a good home for Wappler or if there are plans?

I don’t think there is enough screen real estate on the iPad. I also think it would have to be a very limited version as you can’t install a local server on the iPad such as Docker or MAMP. Interesting idea though.

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Well we definitely want to make also an iPad app of Wappler but it’s for now on our long term goal, as we have plenty to complete first for the desktop version.

Also an iPad version @brad doesn’t need to be a full blown version but maybe an extension of the desktop one or with a different UI to suit more the iPad touch usage.


So today, Apple released FinalCut Pro for the iPad. Was wondering if there was any addl. thoughts the native Wappler app.

I use four screens on total 1x 15" 2 x 19" and 1 x 29".
The thought of using an iPad for dev work makes me grimace.

For development work in the future, I see this as a huge success:

For me it would be useful if I have to quickly fix/edit something while away. I certainly wouldn’t want to make a habit of developing on a tablet.

For now I use remote desktop but a native Wappler app certainly has an appeal.

I love the look of those Spacetop glasses :slight_smile:

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I do too, it’d be a great way to work. The only issue I see is the need to operate a proprietary laptop, I’d prefer to use whatever laptop I choose then plug in the glasses, plus maybe a glasses control box into the laptop. I can really see this taking off if they can get the hardware sorted (and the price reduced!).

Yep, exactly my thoughts. They should market it as an external monitor so it works with anything. The price point isn’t as bad as it could be. It’s a bit more than you’d pay for a couple of 4K monitors and only a bit more than an Apple Studio Display.

If the glasses could be decoupled from the laptop and sold separately then that should bring the price down anyway.

Two more weeks to learn if Apple has finally cracked this.

The iPad Pro has enough power to run whatever apps you want. It has an M2 chip and up to 16GB RAM.
The next VR headset by Apple is said to be really good. I’m guessing you will be able to connect them to their laptops and ipads. Maybe some form of reduced standalone functionality.

All for just a mere $19,999

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What is your remote setup? I’m looking at getting the magic keyboard for my iPad Pro to remote into pc at home to work on wappler projects on the go when I can’t use laptop.

I’ve not actually needed to use it for a while but I flit between Chrome Remote Desktop, Getscreen.me and the Apple Remote Desktop app (macbook as it’s not available for iOS). VNC Viewer also works well but you have to do a bit of setting up with port forwarding and SSH keys.

Probably not ideal but what about using an RDP app on the ipad?

I use this for server access when I’m out and about. I can’t fault it

Instant buy.