Wappler for Entertainment Industry

Is it Possible to use Wappler for clients within the Entertainment industry? I have been asked by a couple of A & R Execs from a record label to create a site for a couple of new music artists. Therefore the site has to be as such where fans and visitors can listen to some of their music, purchase music as well as sign up creating an account for upcoming information. But from the looks of things, there is no way to at least add a music player, full-page background images and or full page background videos.

What are some other options? Also can someone please post a few links of some websites that have been created with Wappler. Full functioning websites, not the demo versions that Wappler has included. A site that someone has created with Wappler. Thankyou

Music Players can easily be added with any third party player that provides embed code. eCommerce I think is coming soon as enough people are requesting it. Full page background images can be done with the CSS editor. Full membership sign ups and emailings can be done now.

Perhaps provide an example of what you are trying to achieve?

As for sites built entirely with Wappler here is one ... very basic site.


Here is a site I just put together really quick doing some of the things you’re looking for. This took me about 20 minutes…Most of it looking for songs.


For the audio player, it makes more sense to use iTunes. The reason is that every major musician is on there and it is a great platform to share your music - even on your own website. Then people can click to it and make a purchase.

The simple fact is that there isn’t a single web development tool out there that just creates a mp3 player like you’re looking for out of nothing. Whereas other website builders would require you to get dedicated plugins that have archaic licensing (and the developer might not be around for long) - Wappler is deep enough that you can build one yourself. If that don’t suit you, then you can simply insert an embed code like I have here.

There are plenty of tutorials on how to do an audio player like you want. You’re going to have to get your hands dirty though. And that’s never a bad thing - right?

I need to incorporate a simple mp3 player into a site at some point. I haven’t decided on what to you use, but there are quite a few around. This is good example:
Download: http://kolber.github.io/audiojs/

Guys, you can use the HTML5 audio tag as well, no need of complicated plugins: