Wappler Extensibility - Writing Custom Modules and Formatters for Server Connect

Yes css design frameworks :slight_smile: just like we have now bootstrap 4 integrated - for us it is just one big Hjson file with all the UI definitions based on css selectors - so why not define your own integration with frameworks like tailwind, bulma or whatever you desire :slight_smile:

As Lucifer would say: “What do you truly desire?” :slight_smile:


it looks amazing, I can create my own modules, I still don’t believe it

As Lucifer would say: “What do you truly desire?” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :sweat_smile:

But this will require reworking some AC and SC components that are dependent on BS4, right? First thing that comes to mind are SC validation messages that are inserted in the DOM where BS4 expects them to be.

On the other side WOW!

Well not really - we usually try to make the App Connect components as independent as possible - and just for the UI you can have different definitions that can also extend each other depending on the framework. But of course you can also have framework specific App Connect components.

But most framework elements definitions are just simple css selector and description of the attributes and classes applied as properties in the UI inspector.


I think I would be a bit hesitant of using someone else’s custom module or formatter. I’d be very concerned about compatibility issues, security and support.

But if I was smart enough to use this new path myself it is certainly a winner.

@george Which subjects did you plan to focus on after this stage? because I understand that once you create our own modules and formatters, you will focus on different topics. Am I thinking wrong?

Will new languages be added (GO, PHYTON etc.) or will we see different things?

But it could be something very small and basic but performs an awesome task and is easy to dissect and see how it’s done.


For example… The first module I’m thinking of creating is one which creates a sitemap.xml file live using queries. SC already does most of the work, it’s just the writing of the XML file which can’t be done at the moment. But my thinking is that now we can create such a module.


Is it right this way?

It didn’t work, what did I do wrong? @patrick

When you just write a new Hjson file describing the UI, you can hit the reload icon in Server Connect toolbar to load the new definition.

If you don’t have a Hjson file you won’t see anything new on the UI :slight_smile:

should the name be the same?
it could be very good if you made a video showing how to do

So can someone technically use this to implement a pouchdb module?

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yes by nodejs

PouchDB needs much deeper database integration in Wappler and we are working on it, so it is coming up.


Would it make sense to use sub-folders inside? Specially when people start adding extensions from others. It will improve structure specially if you need a js, an hjson and optionally other files and for a future zip packaging feature.

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I just noticed that Enum advanced display docs are missing.

Another small improvement I think will help a lot with readability.
Same as you have a blue string for core modules like “set value” to show the name
Could you add the “name” as a string to the SC steps and bindings picker window for custom modules?


Yes you can, just use as title:

Module title: @@var(nameVar)@@

Where nameVar is the variable name you want to display

Perfect. Thanks!

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