Wappler CDN as source

I would really love it if Wappler .js files and .css files were also available from the StackPath CDN like Bootstrap, Bootswatch, FontAwesome, etc.

If all the Wappler libraries were available on the CDN and Bootstrap, and Bootswatch, and FontAwesome, and jQuery libraries, then all the external calls would come from a single source which would save a fraction of time with roundtrips.

soo gooodd idea @psweb
maybe we can switch local or cdn

It makes very little difference when HTTP/2 is served. Have a look at https://www.peterbe.com/plog/to-cdn-assets-or-just-http2 or Google the subject for more info.

Kudos to wappler.io

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I suppose in my situation it is always difficult because I just have so many external assets and many of them do not allow local hosting, so on a single page i land up with something like this.
cdn.livechatinc.com, secure.livechatinc.com, maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com, fonts.gstatic.com, www.gstatic.com, www.google-analytics.com, themes.googleusercontent.com

Some of these just do not have local versions and some of them do so I just want to get as many as possible onto a single source.

Thanks for the link though will go through it carefully.

Just repliying to this feature request to send more attention as it’s definitely something we need, being able to enable or disable per file or per project Wappler’s CDN or personal CDN. :slight_smile:

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