Wappler cannot remove files

Wappler can create files/folders but not remove them:

Executing Upload Synchronization ...
cd ok, cwd=/var/www/html/intranet
Old file `admin/snippets/test.php' is not removed
Old file `dmxConnect/modules/Connections/mysql.php' is not removed
Total: 39 directories, 116 files, 0 symlinks
To be removed: 0 directories, 2 files, 0 symlinks
Upload completed successfully...

User permissions should be correct, since I can remove files with the same user when using Filezilla. Anything I set incorrectly here?

What do you mean it cannot remove them? Where and how are you trying to remove the files from? I see no errors in the log you posted.

This part is the error I guess:

Old file `admin/snippets/test.php’ is not removed

I have removed the file with the wappler file manager, after which is disappears there, and also on my local pc. But when I click “publish” in wappler, it doesn’t remove that corresponding file in the server.

Same thing here.
Maybe I’m note seeing the obvious and there is already a way to “clean up” the target’s files from wappler.

So for now I’m emptying from time to time the whole project on the target through filezilla…
Then I hit “publsh” again in wappler.

Well Wappler doesn’t automatically delete the files on your server if there no longer locally. We don’t want you to loose files.

So if you are really sure you don’t need them, switch to target view in the file manager, select them and choose delete.

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Same thing happens to me. If I am in file manager and go to the remote files and click delete. It doesn’t actually delete the file from the host? It removes them from the filemanager until I hit refresh again and then it shows the file back and doesn’t delete.

I am set up as local folder, even though I am attaching to the remote site through a VPN and not using FTP for security reasons.

If you are in remote view and click delete file should be deleted. If it isn’t please report it in a separate bug topic

will do.

Can we get a semi-automated way to remove those files ?
It’s tedious to have to go under each seperate folder, select them and delete them by hand.
Something like an extra ‘Clean up’ button next to publish ?
Or a prompt at the end of publish asking if we want to clean up old files ?

In Wappler 5.2.4 you can publish your project with a single click to any remote target, applying automatically database changes and even commit and version to git. There’s an option to remove files from remote target, that don’t exist on the local one.

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