Wappler cannot be opened after installation

What are the requirements for installing and running wappler, something strange happened to me. Download the latest version 3.0.1 and install it on Windows10 64bit. There is no error in the installation process. After the installation is complete, run the program and flash back after the red circle icon appears. Then I tried to install it on other computers and found that only one computer can be turned on. Why?
The operating system is determined to be no problem. They are all newly installed operating systems, windows10 64bit Enterprise LTSC and Professional Edition 2004.
Are there any dependencies on running the program? The hardware of several computers is different. I think the software should have nothing to do with the hardware.

Hi and welcome!

Maybe you can share some of the configuration of the pc’s not working?

Also make sure video drivers and Windows 10 is all the latest

Thank you for your reminder. There is no problem with the operating system and it is kept up to date. Maybe it is a problem with the graphics card. Old graphics cards are not supported. The ones that can run normally are the new computers of intel cpu, the latest hardware, the ones that can’t run are the old computers, the CPU and GPU of AMD. If this is the case, I hope to explain the dependent environment, such as what runtime libraries are needed, or what features are supported by the graphics card, etc. Old graphics cards may not support certain features.
The configuration of the old computer running the crash is: amd 1045t+HD5670 and similar old hardware. Both windows7 and windows10 cannot run. The intel cpu i3 7100 and the old i5 3470 can operate normally.