Wappler Beta Chanel

I understand the general concept, but could you clarify the difference between the Beta and Stable channels in production?

I typically stick with the Stable channel, but I’m unsure if there are any benefits to using the Beta channel. Could someone explain this to me?

Essentially Stable is running AC 1 and Beta AC 2 (many performance improvements and tweaks to the core). Over recent releases the beta is near as can be to being stable with regards to its core (and can’t be far off being Stable itself). We have moved entirely over to Beta and AC 2 with several Projects and see no problems (some Projects are very large and complex). For everything else on the subject try a search as it has all been documented with regards to the specifics.

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I think a the component DROPZONE is not ready for beta and is a component that I use a lot. Is there a way to check what components still missing for Beta?

Dropzone works fine @Chackmool. We have many implementations live and not one single issue.

You can always try the Beta Channel for yourself. FIRST, and as a precaution, BACKUP your Project. Then swap the Channel to Beta and try it for yourself. If you have issues switch the Channel back to Stable or simply restore your backup (switching Channels is reversible none the less).

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I can’t recall who informed me of this but you can do so…

Click on Extension Manager in the bottom left:

Screenshot from 2024-02-15 17-10-09

And the respective ‘Release’ details for each Extension is displayed:


Dropzone has been updated for App Connect 2 in December 2023.
We advise everyone to update to beta channel as very soon all the beta updates will be released as stable.
The beta extensions channel includes all the recent extensions fixes and App Connect 2 compatibility updates in the last few months.

Also if you ever encounter any issues on the beta extensions channel, you can always switch back to stable.


Activating the beta channel means using app connect 2, correct?

Yes, that’s correct.