Wappler backup function

Maybe you can add wappler wide backup function (site configurations , database export for backup ,etc…)

Site configurations are already saved in a hidden Wappler folder.

yeap , but it is not backup


I am voting for this. But also for restore function. :slight_smile:

Although we can copy the files ourselves, it would be nice to have an interface inside Wappler to be able to restore specific files.
Also, once changes were made in the Server Connect settings, there are no options to undo those changes. Though we can backup the server connect files (which I think is in the files under the dmxConnect/api and App_Data\ServerConnect\api subdirectories, it would be nice to have that feature right inside Wappler.

We have that now with the new experimental Git Panel.

Thanks for the info Brad. I will have to learn Git for that. :smiley:

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I knew nothing about it before Wappler added it. Didn’t even know what it did. Wappler makes it pretty easy. Even I can use it. :wink:

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I’ll check it Brad. Thanks again.