Wappler auto update: Download Now option unclear

The minor issue is with the pop-out notification when an update has been released. With each update I have tried to select More->Download Now and the download does not start.

Mac using Safari…

It does start there is just no indicator that it is … same once it starts installing. Kind of annoying but it is working.

Well the download now starts the download process on the background. It might takes a while to complete.
That is why you will get another notify when it is completed and ready to install. In the meantime you can continue to work with Wappler

Maybe we need to integrate a download process in there but usually you just don’t want to wait.

The process is fine. Just needs some kind of indicator that something is happening.

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I agree. Feed back is an essential to all user interaction. When there is no evidence, then the typical user will suspect something is amiss.

Thanks George for responding the need for a process… perhaps a ‘progress bar.’ :grinning:

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