Wappler App, great software no doubt. But why deceive us with "Free tag" and yet run such amount of charges for basic and pro version?

Wappler App, great software no doubt. But why deceive us with “Free tag” and yet run such amount of charges for basic and pro version? Look guys, from what i have seen and heard, I believe Wappler to be a great deal of App but what different does it make comparing its cost with Adobe products’ cost given the fact that it is developed by community of experts and not some gain seeking company? What I am trying to say is that the software is too damn expensive! Please try and be fair with your charges so that we young designers can afford it and make the best out of it.

Are you saying 16.6 euro a month for all the features paid annually is expensive?
its less than the cost of a coffee a day. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you had to pay for each of these extensions separately to add to Dreamweaver it would cost very much more. For all that the Pro version does it is worth every penny.

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Well about price of Wappler there are a lot of comments. everybody had his own idea.

In my opinion the price of Wappler is very fair.
You get a continuos-development software with a very active community and the possibility to comment the features of the software.

Just to give you an example I took Wappler to develop my own in-house application. I do not develop website as a job and I find Wappler convenient and fair priced. I figure out that for people developing website for job Wappler would be more and more convenient !

I really do not understand these problem over the price…

Hello, sorry to hear you find our pricing too high, but the prices are set as low as possible. We even offer educational/freelance pricing allowing you to work on 5 projects per year even on cheaper prices.

Wappler is actually developed by our company (DMXzone), which has 17 years of experience developing extensions for Adobe Dreamweaver.

I’ve only been using Wappler since Friday evening but I started using it for a new project for a customer and I was also skeptical at first.

However given the amount of time it’s saved me in manually coding functions and features I can say 100% that it’s worth the money.

You can’t compare Wappler to Adobe’s dreamweaver because Dreamweaver was stripped of simple features such as server behaviours a few years ago and that was (in my opinion) the main attraction to Dreamweaver - it’s a time saver.

Wappler can do a huge number of things more than dreamweaver can these days.

There’s a 7 day trial - give it a go, I wasn’t disappointed and I’m only a couple of days in. It was extremely easy to pick up and the community support is invaluable.

I’ve seen a number of posts complaining about the price since I joined on Friday and I think that anyone looking at using this in a commercial situation (clients paying you to develop projects) should not be complaining about a mere ~$50 a month. It will save you 10x that in development hours vs using a piece of software like Dreamweaver out of the box.

Anyone looking to use this in an educational environment the same applies - time is money. If you want a product that will save you time developing projects (whether for fun, education or commercial purposes) then you should choose wappler because it works so well and there’s so much support here for it.

If you were to use dreamweaver you’d be looking at (in Australia anyway) ~$50AUD per month for Dreamweaver alone plus another ~$2000AUD to add all of the DMXZONE extensions that come standard with wappler.


You are correct. i never liked the compare thing. i wish the team just remove any thing related to "compare"

also people coming from theme builders and comparing. this is just so wrong :sweat_smile:

its less than that with the educational license if you are working on less than 5 projects and paying annually

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Pretty much, I guess the comparison table on the wappler website is handy though for people who haven't used wappler or who are working out which one suits them better. I think people just look at the price and don't think about it. At the end of the day if they were doing commercial work they will find themselves in the same situation reversed (people wow'ing at their pricing). It's all comes down to peoples conceived value in a product. (eg. They'll pay $15 a month for netfllix or $50 a month for a gym membership they don't use but flip tables at $x a month for a product to make money with or learn to make money with.) It's just life I guess.

In all honesty i didn't even look at the educational pricing but it still undervalued on either a commercial license or a educational license.
Even if someone was charging $50 an hour to do basic web dev for someone, 1 hour a month more than pays for the software subscription so they can play with it in their own time and it costs them effectively nothing.

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