Wappler App Closes on Document Close Command

Wappler Version : 5
Operating System : Windows
Server Model:
Database Type:
Hosting Type:

Wappler continually crashes when using shortcut key Control W to close document. Today alone it closed 20 times. This is the only application I have that does this. I have the latest Wappler version.

What keyboard layout does your computer have? I’m not able to reproduce it, what are you doing at the moment this happens, which part of Wappler has the focus?

My computer has a standard keyboard layout. While working in Design view, when I close the current page I am working on with Cntrl-W the Application closes. Perhaps I am working too fast opening & closing documents. Otherwise there is nothing special I am doing. Thanks.

So what is it? What language?
I tested with my standard en-us keyboard/layout and cannot recreate the issue.

Thank You for your attention, Thinking of it, It may be the fast way which I am working. Alot of times I am doing a quick Cntrl-S (Save) & Cntrl-W (Close), I am probably doing a close command before the software even has a chance to save. I work a bit impatiently. Thank You for looking into this.