Wappler api to another Wappler app

Hi Wapplers,

Let’s say I have 2 Wappler Apps. When I create a new record on one app, I would like it to run/trigger a certain server action on the other Wappler app. I suspect you do this with web hooks. Can anyone share how I go about accomplishing this?

Thanks :pray:

You can use any of your different apps for your server connects if that is what you are asking.Screen Shot 2023-05-26 at 3.30.48 PM

Hmmm… maybe?
So basically I want 2 Wappler apps communicating with each other via api/webhooks. So when something happens on one app it can trigger something to occur on the other app.

You can create an API Action under API Connector in server connect that points to your other app with the appropriate URL & method (GET, POST) - a server action is an implementation of REST API. Your other app, of course, needs to be deployed/online. See Host RESTful API using Wappler


Thank you. I will give this a shot