Wappler and Wordpress? Wappler's purpose?

Hi Folks, maybe I don’t quite understand what wappler is. I thought that it is a vehicle for creating a third party web app for mobile, pulling blogs/pages or posts from existing websites. I see people talking about building the entire site in Wappler, which is not what I want to do. Am I misunderstanding something?

If I am correct in its function, is it possible then to pull pages and posts from WordPress? Or Facebook?

Hello Jeff,
Wappler's idea has never been:

Wappler is a software for building fully functional dynamic, responsive web sites and mobile apps.
Wappler includes all the front end components and all the back end components/technologies created the last few years by DMXzone and it allows you to develop your website and apps from scratch. It's a full replacement of Adobe Dreamweaver.
You can just check the site: Wappler - The Visual Web App Creator and features to understand what is it for.

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