Wappler 5.0.0 Beta 7 Released

Wappler 5.0.0 Beta 7 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/beta/

Latest stable 4.9.1 is still available
You can use both at the same time

What’s New

As we are approaching the Wappler 5 final release, we are introducing another major feature - the new Project Resource Manager!

With the Resource Manager you can manage your project complete infrastructure resources! We are using directly the cloud providers hosting API’s to manage your infrastructure for the speediest response in Wappler.

Starting now with cloud server creation for your docker deployments and more to come later on like managed database management and provider storage solutions.
For now we are also supporting just Digital Ocean and Hetzner but more providers will be added later on. See for usage Managing Cloud Servers with Resource Manager

Furthermore we have finalized our working modes with even more inspect modes to check the accessibility for your page.
See Working Modes

New Resource Manager

  • Organize all your project related resource in a single place, from cloud servers, database servers, storage solutions, to local services
  • Use directly the Provider API for server query, management and creation for the fastest response
  • Automatically create a user SSH key if none exist yet
  • Use the user SSH key to authorize on new servers
  • All docker services and deployment now use the secure SSH and the user own SSH key
  • In the docker remote target settings now you can choose the remote connection type between the older Sockets or the new SSH connection used by all the Cloud Providers as most secure and easy solution
  • New Open SSH Terminal for the selected server as tab editor! Now if you need direct access to your server terminal, you can just click on teh open terminal icon and get a full tab editor pane as SSH terminal!
  • Refresh server status after creation and check SSH access.
  • Disable the default UFW firewall on Ubuntu on Digital Ocean as it is not needed and limits the docker deploy functionality done via SSH now.
  • When provider authentication fails, show it in the provider list as icon status and tooltip
  • Improved adding provider and authorization checks
  • Added Digital Ocean Server creations using the direct API
  • Implemented nice notifications about the progress of the running actions.
  • Show creation errors in notifications
  • Improved Servers listing and creation with Hetzner
  • Store used cloud providers per project, with their API key
  • Show the providers server access status within the icon to visualize your access rights
  • Connect to remote servers with ssh to retrieve running docker projects status
  • Added the create server dialogs per provider
  • Fine tune the server creation progress notifications
  • Automatically open the Servers node when adding servers
  • Remove server when it has been successfully deleted
  • Show the server status depending on the provider
  • Keep the providers and servers per project now
  • Import existing provider servers as needed
  • Remove Servers per project without deleting then from the provider
  • Fully implemented the Digital Ocean and Hetzner Servers creation and Import of existing Servers
  • Added new Docker Remote type in targets - Cloud Providers, to allow choice from the servers defined in the Resource manager
  • Added confirmation about personal SSH key creation
  • Show terminal icon in the SSH terminal tab
  • Show IP on the server properties
  • Simplified the server actions, just reboot or destroy server
  • Improved server creation status and refresh
  • On refresh check the SSH connectivity, as sometimes the server needs also a few seconds to start
  • No need for confirmation of SSH server fingerprints on SSH status but also on the SSH terminal
  • Automatically wait till the server is fully accessible to update its access status
  • Show providers and their servers open per default


  • Optimized sidebar icons

Design View

  • Smarter positioning of labels
  • Improved text editing
  • Added resizer for full size to quickly see the page in various device widths and check its responsiveness
  • New native context menu
  • Add spell check in the menu when in text editing mode


  • Latest server files with improvements in the NodeJS database sub queries

Fixed issues