Wappler 4 - User Interface

I have started to create YouTube videos in the series Wappler 4 - User Interface. This may be of interest to newbies in particular.


And oldies who haven’t made the giant leap to v4 yet!


Well done on this Ben, I’m sure it’ll be a huge help for a lot of others (myself included!).

Keep up the great work :sunglasses:


These are great Ben.

Having just started with Wappler, I made the decision to work with v4. My frustration is the lack of v4 documentation. While the v3 lessons and documentation are wonderful, the lack of documentation to the terminology changes (i.e. Server Actions to API) and that interface restructuring has a painful process.

I’ve started creating lessons based on the v3 docs, Strydom’s and Brian’s videos, but that’s eating away at real development time for the project I’m suppose to be completing. Seeing the Docs library is part of the reason I initialing put Wappler on my list of potential development tools - after a 6 hiatus from a development. Taught at IT at local college for 9 years so creating lessons plans - once I know the content - is second nature.

Don’t stop you’re work is greatly appreciated.