Wappler 4 cache manager idea

So the other day I posted a feature request for redis cache upgrades but I’d like to expand the idea I’m now having, what if wappler had a new tab called cache manager it would be a 3 tab area like where you design pages. On the left tab would be all possible things to cache so things like page routes and server actions here you add items to the caches by setting times for the caches, the middle panel would show you the list of things you have cached and a select all caches at the top, the right panel would be used for cache control let’s say I’ve just redesigned tons of things on my website and want to make all users refresh caches click select all caches then on the right reset caches this would also be available for single caches.

Just a idea and wanted thoughts on this as caches speed up sites a lot in my opinion along with less database calls

Interesting, although the current cache is very much Redis oriented.

However as we move forward to PWAs - caching there gets a whole new meaning.

In PWA you can cache just about any asset and network request. So it is important to manage that all well.


Have to remember to clear this cache in a PWA or Security Provider (and other Actions, queries) use cached resources. We had a scenario where a user logged in as an administrator and then in as his client and realised that the profile for the account was still that of the administrator… Not a normal scenario but one that can occur and maybe worth investigating if you do offer a PWA…? And, of course, to confirm our findings (try yourself)… We rectified this clearing the cache on successful login of the user.


Agreed with PWA caching it would be great if we could have a installable pwa with caches in Wappler things like push notification are nice but many aren’t supported by iOS yet as far as I knew at least