Wappler 4.7.0 Released

Wappler 4.7.0 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What's New

A major update to our Database Support and Visual Query Builders ahead!
Working with Nested Data Structures is now fully at your finger tips!

Create easily tables and sub tables to fully implement nested data structures!
All the needed relations and join/junction tables are now automatically generated by Wappler’s Database Manager. See Creating Sub Tables with Database Manager

Now with all the supported relation database you can easily construct nested sub tables for your data!
So you will get all the best of both worlds Relational and Document Based (NoSQL) databases - all in your current relational database.
The Database Manager is also very smart when analyzing existing database structures and generates automatically for you the nested structure based on you existing relations!

Our Visual Database Query Builder is now greatly improved to handle nested queries for you automatically in a single run!
So you can define and use nested queries with multiple nested data, to get all your structure at once.
See Using Nested Queries with the Database Query Builder

Also we have added support for automatic joins in the Query Builder! All based on your relations in the Database Manager.

The same is also for our Database Updater - it can handle now updates of the main table and also the related sub tables in one go!
Very useful with many to many relations and specially when using with our latest Tagify component for multiple selection.

As this all is a major change, we have implemented it as experimental feature first, so you can try it our and let us know what you think of it.
Also it is currently for NodeJS only, but PHP and other server models are coming up soon.

Database Manager

  • New Sub Tables option - design your database nested data much easier with new Sub Tables option. Now available as experimental feature.
  • New Wappler global options to choose your database naming convention
  • Improved auto schema refreshing of sub tables after creation or update
  • Improved View Table Data for Sub Tables
  • Add unique option for numeric fields, so that you can toggle unique constrain
  • Improved Adding references and Sub Tables. On Sub Tables linked key is added automatically
  • Allow adding new tables and subtables in a single go
  • Correctly show the reference field for reference fields in Postgres
  • Changed sub tables icon to orange
  • Sub Tables - do now show the linking field
  • Added support also for Sub Tables in MS SQL
  • Implemented the database naming convention option
  • implement adding sub tables also on not loaded nodes yet.

Database Query Builder

  • Add full automatic joins! When you add a table as join and it is already referenced by the main table, join fields are determined automatically!
  • Add new experimental support for nested queries to sub tables! Now you can just add a sub table as output column and get its result as a nested query!
  • Supports also extended query options to the sub table query - by double clicking it you can open a nested uery builder specific for this table
  • Open nested query builder dialog on double click on sub table item, to specify additional sub query options like joins and filters.
  • All sub tables and query relations are matched to the defined relations in the Database Manager automatically!
  • Allow creating sub queries to any referenced tables, not just sub tables
  • Fixed error on adding tables containing json fields are
  • Optimized UI and options generation for the new sub queries
  • Added single click edits in the grid for conditions and aggregates
  • Added color icons to the add table dropdown
  • Show the sub tables without prefix
  • Add slash in the tables list to group more clearly sub tables
  • Improve tables dropdown to show sub tables better and also related tables on top
  • Improved refreshing of the tables dropdown to auto include related tables after adding or deleting a table
  • Show the new sub tables only for NodeJS server model
  • Show the nested query schema in the App Connect data picker

Database Updater

  • Added the new experimental update with sub query updates, so you can update nested multi values at once
  • Optimized UI and options generation for the new sub queries
  • Open nested update dialog on double click on sub table item
  • Added single click edit in the grid for conditions as well next to the expressions
  • Only show field mappings to update for nested queries
  • Added color icons to the add table dropdown and the add columns
  • Show the sub tables as such in the table dropdown
  • Show the sub table columns without table prefix in the add column dropdown
  • Add the subtable update name to the table without prefix name
  • Show the new sub tables only for NodeJS server model

App Connect Tagify 1.0.1

  • Added no-close-on-select option and readonly prop per tag
  • Fixed issue with incorrect data being posted when form was reused

Fixed issues