Wappler 3.7.0 Released

Wappler 3.7.0 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Happy New Year to you all! May 2021 be a great year for you!
To start the new year well, we have a great major update for you!

Please welcome a full integration of Bootstrap 5!

While still in beta Bootstrap 5 looks really solid so we wanted to give you a head start on your Bootstrap 5 integration and migration.

Bootstrap 5 comes with a lot of changes, so a migration isn’t very easy, but as you would expect from Wappler we have an amazing converter build in Wappler for you! So converting a Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5 page is now really a breeze and done automatically for you! All the changed class names and structures are automatically applied for you!

We have also updated all our App Connect Bootstrap components to fully Bootstrap 5 compatible! So those will be converted for you as well.

A great feature about Bootstrap 5 is the removal of jQuery. All our own App Connect weren’t using jQuery, but now we have updated also the Bootstrap ones.
Of course there are some external components like Summernote, Full Calendar and Date Picker, that still needs jQuery, so if you use those, just leave also the jQuery framework on. Otherwise you can remove jQuery completely.

Note this is the first beta of Bootstrap 5, so proceed with care when updating and always make sure you have a backup.

The Bootstrap 5 is available as separate framework in Wappler, so it is your choice if you want to use it, or continue to use Bootstrap 4 which is still fully available in Wappler. Your existing Bootstrap 4 sites won’t be automatically updated and will continue to work.

We have done the most of the integration, but Bootstrap Blocks and Generators will be available in the next update.

Another great feature is that the Wappler’s Theme Manager is now fully Bootstrap 5 compatible! So you can start cooking those custom Bootstrap 5 themes right now!

Bootstrap 5

  • First beta of Bootstrap 5! Now integrated in Wappler with a great converter from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5!
  • Implemented the major Bootstrap 5 changes in the converter. Now converts all changed custom form fields, form groups, font styling, margin classes, borders and data attributes.
  • Implemented the new Bootstrap 5 naming in components, form fields, form groups, borders, roundings. New line height properties.
  • Implemented the Bootstrap 5 base templates
  • Added support for the new Extra Large Wide screen breakpoint. Now you have also an extra Wide (xxl) icon in design view for pages that use Bootstrap 5. Also all response sizes now are also applied on this xxl size if selected.
  • Limited column Order number to maximum five as per new Bootstrap 5 spec
  • Added Bootstrap 5 compatible resizing and rulers for design view
  • Convert also all App Connect Bootstrap components to be fully Bootstrap 5 compatible
  • New versions of the App Connect bootstrap components Alerts, Cars, Collapse, Forms, Modals, Navigation, Popovers, Toasts and Tooltips for Bootstrap 5
  • Added Bootstrap 5 labels to the components in the add component popup
  • Convert also content pages from Bootstrap 4 to 5
  • Group all bootstrap version in one “Bootstrap” category in the frameworks menu
  • Use the new Bootstrap 5 default base colors
  • Removed Font Awesome dependency for Bootstrap 5
  • Improved the spacing control in Wappler properties UI to be compatible with the new Bootstrap 5 spacing changes
  • Always add nested container for navbar as required for Bootstrap 5
  • Improved Bootstrap 5 navigation auto active state detection
  • Improved Bootstrap 5 conversion - now also convert the toggle buttons and radios

Theme Manager

  • Full Bootstrap 5 support! Now you can set your project design framework to Bootstrap 5 and enjoy full theming with Wappler’s Theme Manager! Your existing Bootstrap 4 theming is used as base for the new Bootstrap 5 theme if you have one.
  • Theme manager has now updated Bootstrap 5 preview
  • Add Bootstrap 5 Source files for Wappler Theme Manager
  • Theme Manager - Included the latest Bootstrap 5 advanced theming variables

App Connect Validator

  • Add full Bootstrap 5 support

App Connect

  • Improved form validation


  • Optimized App Connect and Server Connect Data Bindings picker search to be faster and more responsive

Bug Fixes