Wappler 3.3.1 Released

Wappler 3.3.1 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Huge update for you this week! We have updated our Wappler Core to match the latest Chrome 85 and deliver you awesome performance!
Design view has been also greatly extended with build-in local server for live preview and amazing QRcode scan for instance mobile preview!
Now you can finally just open your phone or table, scan the QRcode and see an instant preview of the site or mobile app that you are working on in Wappler!

Next we have also some hot new extensions for you! Extending on the power of Google Maps, we have now integrated also with the Google Places library so you can easy query and retrieve any places or points of interest in your neighborhood.

The new App Connect Google Places integration consist of the components: Google Places Autocomplete - for easy auto complete form field and Google Places Search - an App Connect Data Source component to allow you more complex queries, with results directly available as App Connect dynamic data on your page.

Also we have some great additions on our Mobile Apps building with Framework7 v5 with App Connect.
We have added many new components and additional properties for the existing ones - and yes more is coming up! We are not done yet!


  • Major update of Wappler Core and rendering to the latest Chrome 85
  • Now with great speed improvements
  • Support for the latest image formats like AVIF
  • Added new global tooltips using hover intent
  • Improved default terminal set after project switch
  • automatically include extra libraries as parameters in includes, like for Google Maps API include and the new Google Places API.
  • Add also global includes when converting components

Design View

  • Implemented preview in Browser for all projects! Even Mobile and local projects! Now you can always check your site or mobile app in the browser even if you don’t have own server running thnaks to the Wappler’s new build-in local server!
  • Add amazing QRcode preview for instant display of your Web Site or Mobile App on your device! Just scan it and your the page that your are working on in Wappler with instancely display on your phone! You just need to be on the same local network.
  • Added local server for server design view files
  • Improved applying on themes on some components like Google Maps and refreshing

Mobile Development

  • Add separate output and terminal panes to the bottom toolbar to clearly distinguish between the output and terminal panes. Just like with the web projects.
  • Also close up all open terminals on project switch

Framework 7 v5 with App Connect

  • All parts of the list items are now separately visible in the App Structure tree for better usage and accessibility of their dynamic attributes and events.
  • Implemented Expandable Cards for great looking zooming out cards.
  • New link actions to open and close expandable cards
  • New options for no shadow and no borders on cards
  • Rich options for Expandable Cards to control the hiding of the navbar, toolbar, statusbar and swiping animations of the expandable cards
  • New AppBar component
  • Added new navbar-bg element to the generated navbar structures
  • Added toggle action for panels, next to open and close
  • Resizable Panels - can be enabled now
  • Theme options for panels
  • Extended Options for Panels: visible and collapsible breakpoints, detailed swipe and backdrop options
  • Buttons - new large size
  • New options for segmented buttons - Raised, Round and Strong
  • New Block Title Size


  • Fixed Postgres returning identity on insert
  • Routing with partials use the right detection for fragments

Project manager

  • Improved project switching to be more quick and close all open terminals and stop node running servers if needed

Bootstrap 4

  • Allow rows in modals body and in cards

App Connect

  • Made App Connect even more standards compliance by sending the right json accepts headers for its data requests to Server Connect or API
  • Also set request headers to detect partial update requests for Routing, useful for NodeJS SPA conformance

App Connect Google Places

  • New App Connect component for getting Google Places information as auto complete or as data source
  • Improved the country selector for easy country pickup
  • added show on map option for places search
  • Auto add places library also on blank pages
  • Added warnings and links to the Google Pricing pages

App Connect Google Maps

  • Add support for Google Maps Places Autocomplete and Search
  • Added warning and info link about the Google Maps pricing

App Connect Swiper

  • Added new Observer property to watch the parent container changes

Google Directions

  • Added warning about pricing with info link

S3 Connector

  • Correctly identify the output data of listFiles and list Buckets as object and not array

Server Connect Mailer

  • Added option in mailer to set pickup directory for ASP.NET only

But wait there is more!

A small update to Wappler 3.3.1

We have improved the Local Server to handle better content pages as well and even added support for Include files! So yes @ben now you can preview locally even sites that doesn’t have any server at all but use SSI.

Your site or mobile app preview is the easiest ever, so cool with the new QRcode preview functionality!