Wappler 3.2.2 Released

Wappler 3.2.2 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/download/
Or just do “check for updates” on the Wappler tray icon for automatic install!

What’s New

Huge improvements for our Mobile Apps support this week! a brand new Framework 7 with native App Connect integration is here for you!
No more coding in Framework7 to get things done, but plug in to the visual App Connect power!

Completely rewritten from the ground up, we introduce you the new Framework 7 version 5 with App Connect!

Now both frameworks natively talk to each other so you can use the power of App Connect, its events, dynamic attributes and actions straight in Framework 7!
Even better you can now run full blown App Connect Flows in Mobile Apps with Framework 7! We even created a lot of special Flow actions for Framework 7 to allow you to call its dialogs and actions.
Also most Framework 7 components are now available as native App Connect components with their properties, events and actions! More to come in the upcoming updates as well!

The new integration is now available as preview framework called Framework 7 v5 with App Connect.
So try it our and let us know what you think!

Framework 7 v5 with App Connect

  • Implemented brand new Framework 7 version 5 integration with App Connect! Currently in preview
  • New App Root as main App Connect Component with extra properties like name, version, theming and general actions
  • Now all the Framework 7 components will be available as App Connect components so you can bind them with data and also add events or dynamic attributes to them, all natively the App Connect way!
  • No more need for coding and initializing the Framework 7 - it is all done now automatically for you!
  • New App Connect components for Framework 7 Popup, Page and View with dynamic actions and events
  • Automatically add meta tag for content security policy on Framework 7 version 5 App Connect projects
  • Add popup component events for open, opened, close and closed
  • Implemented converter from Framework 7 version 4 to the new version 5 with App Connect
  • Made Framework7 icons to work also with the latest version 5

Framework 7 General

  • Allow to Framework 7 icons to be nicely colorized by specifying color.
  • Add support for Tabbars
  • Add support for Accordions
  • Improved List Item Button coloring
  • Auto select the List Elements for further insertion when List, Media List or Accordion List are created
  • Add default texts for block header, footer, title as well card header and footer
  • Added more card blocks
  • Improved default main layout to have the navbar and toolbar in the page and also have the toolbar bottom
  • Improved rendering placeholder for List Elements in design view
  • Allow many other rich content like cards and lists to be inserted in Swiper slides as content
  • Added support for rich content types inside Swiper Slide, like cards and lists
  • Make sure cordova.js is always on top of the includes

Mobile Development

  • Brand new Mobile blocks! Now you can choose from ready to go design blocks - more to come!
  • New Wappler global setting option to allow Cordova to be installed locally per project
  • When the Install Cordova per project is on, the system check and all commends will try to local Cordova installation first and then fall back to the system wide one if available
  • Enable rebuild and debug options per default, so on each run of the App in emulator it is always compiled first
  • Improved global XCode components installation on MacOS requiring more privilages
  • Improved support for the latest Cordova 10
  • Improved refreshing the mobile publishing toolbar and platforms list fetching
  • When running in emulator always compile debug version to avoid certificates checks on Android
  • Added support for the Browser platform in Cordova for easy Mobile Apps testing in the browser. On run a local server is started so your App can fetch all needed files and load API data safely. The prowser is then opened automatically as localhost:8000

App Connect

  • Added support for the new Framework7 App Connect components
  • Fully support App Connect Dynamic Events in Framework 7 now
  • Added new dynamic events for all touch events as well the new pointer events for handling all events more generic for mouse, pen and toch devices
  • Improved support for Framework7 events in smooth cooperation with App Connect

App Connect Flow:

  • Added new Flow actions for Framework 7 dialogs and Toast! Now you can directly show in Flows the special alert, confirm, prompt and login dialogs as well toasts.
  • Flow shows now only components that are valid for the currently used framework. So show Bootstrap flow components only when Boostrap 4 is used. Same is also for Framework7 flow components - show them only when Framework 7 is used

Pages Manager

  • Improved greatly for working with Mobile projects
  • Now you can choose to create main pages or content pages as new page
  • Creates new routes automatically when a page is created
  • Clean up route when page is deleted in the Pages Manager


  • Do not keep track of related files till the page is saved
  • Lots of speed increase due to logging cleanup


  • Improved pages queries
  • Fixed: User style was not included on nodeJS content pages when located in subfolder

Server Connect

Added CORS support for Classic ASP and ASP.NET

App Connect Swiper

  • Greatly improved the Swiper component rendering in design view. Now you can see the slide placeholders and full them with content more visually

Bug Fixes