Wappler 3.0.0 Beta 6 Released

Wappler 3.0.0 Beta 6 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/beta/

Latest stable 2.9.1 is still available
You can switch as you wish

What’s New

Please welcome the new full Server Side data rendering for NodeJS!
Your NodeJS template based web sites can fully empower now Server Connect for dynamic Server Side Data Rendering!

Use a Layouts as master pages for your content pages and define meta data to assign Server Side Data Bindings in it!
Define a Server Connect action that will supply the Server Side Data!
You can even add the Security Provider restrict to that action for full Server Side Security Protection and login redirect!

We have also greatly restyled the Pages Manager based on your feedback.


  • Added support for template data per layout page! Now you can define in your main layout dynamic page data like title and meta keywords - and later populate it on the route!
  • Add data pickers for template data in pages title and meta data fields
  • Allow to specify a Server Connect Action to be executed on the route and has its data available. Useful for server side data rendering in template pages

NodeJS Templating

  • Implement new NodeJS data binding with Server Connect expressions
  • Master Layout body include is now called the “Layout Body Content”
  • Always auto generate page routes for each kind of dynamic pages in NodeJS
  • Allow to add a Server Connect Action per route that can be used for Data Binding or Security Enforcer
  • Implemented the Layouts options and meta to be stored also in the routes file
  • Now Layouts can have also Server Connect Action and Data

Pages Manager

  • Restyled page properties popup. Now thumbnails options are hidden initially and actions are available on hover
  • Allow to reset the thumbnails to default
  • Improved refresh of the thumbnail view after changes
  • Automatically delete routed when page is deleted
  • Do not make automatic routes for layouts and partials
  • Made Page Properties dialog compacter and thumbnail editing options as expandable pane on it.

Visual Expression Builder

  • Improved working of all visual expression builders tags to save their value on change only and be much more responsive
  • Added support for the new Server Connect EJS expressions style

App Structure Properties

  • Implement the visual expression editor also on all Actions entries

Security Provider

  • Added new Login and Forbidden URL options in the Security Provider Restrict step in Server Connect, so that you can redirect the user to login page or access denied page. Used when the Restrict is used in NodeJS actions to check the access of the page and fetch data.

Server Connect

  • Implemented Route Picker for Server Connect actions, such as the restrict in Security Provider

Design View & Code View

  • Allow mixed code content in title and attributes, specially used in PHP code blocks


  • Added special EJS default icons to the File Manager and Pages Manager


  • Fix the git push