Wappler 3.0.0 Beta 5 Released

Wappler 3.0.0 Beta 5 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/beta/

Latest stable 2.9.1 is still available
You can switch as you wish

What’s New

Great new features in this beta! Full NodeJS template pages support and full support Heroku deployments! Finally you can easily create master pages with your site layouts and then base all your site pages on them!
Read the extensive tutorial on Creating template based pages and layout in Wappler with NodeJS

With Heroku you have full free hosting of all your NodeJS projects and even PHP projects!
Check also How is it is to use free Heroku hosting

Heroku Hosting

  • Add full support for deploying to Heroku! Now you can fully deploy your nodeJS projects there for free!
  • allow Heroku deploy even if the git manager isn’t open
  • Added also full support for deploying PHP based sites on Heroku!
  • Deploy now offers an option to commit all files first if there are pending commits. It also includes a version to directly tag the release
  • Heroku deploy - always push to Heroku master
  • Target options for Heroku and Firebase - correctly change the Web Site Url when project ID is changed
  • Checked for logged in user on each Heroku Deploy and allow to login first


  • Full implementation of NodeJS templating and routing! Now you can create site master pages called “layouts” and then just add content pages that use them for sharing global elements like menus and footers.
  • Added all App Connect definitions for the NodeJS include rules for layouts, content pages and partials
  • Automatically stop / start local dev server when switching targets
  • Implemented auto route creation on content pages save
  • Implemented browser preview F12 on content pages
  • Automatically add includes to the main layout page when adding App Connect components in NodeJS
  • When content page is called “index” make the default / route with it
  • Add also project frameworks automatic on new content pages
  • Implemented validation in NodeJS server connect

Database Manager

  • Implemented separate basic and advanced view for the Database Manager. In basic view just basic data types and options are shown, usually is this is more than enough
  • Greatly improved expand all/contract all option in the Database Manager
  • Improved table fields rendering in Database Manager.
  • Implemented also database connection file switching for NodeJS targets
  • Database Manager - read Server Connect settings always from the server connect file also on NodeJS projects

Project targets

  • Allow to define additional targets for Docker or Heroku to existing projects. This will allow you to have different deployment options
  • For Heroku targets - auto create a git repository and add the Heroku remote to git
  • Implemented “Live Site” button that will just open your live site in the browser.

Pages Manager

  • Auto create the new layouts and partials folders for NodeJS page views folders
  • improved toolbar - now there is just a single plus sign to add pages and folder has its own toolbar. Much like the File Manager
  • Show the layouts option only for content pages
  • Switch dynamic/static choice on project switch
  • Implemented also dynamic / static files filter also for other server models. Now dynamic shows the dynamic files like php/asp/aspx and static just the html files
  • Restyled the icons in the Pages Manager

Routing Manager

  • extend the routing for the new views template engines in Wappler’s NodeJS support

Design View & Code Editing

  • When creating a new site in PHP make sure the main file is index.php
  • Improved PHP includes (should not break head)
  • EJS support added

FTP Manager

  • Improved FTP with root folder

Pages Manager

  • Now you can switch between dynamic and static pages view. Dynamic will show you only dynamic files and static only static html files
  • Added EJS templating - in NodeJS projects now dynamic files goes to the special views folder where EJS files reside
  • Pages are now divided into three categories. Regular pages, layout pages - that are used as master pages, and partials for component reuse

Theme Manager

  • Fixed the responsive Font Sizes option - now it uses the correct variable name


  • Changed default templates using bootstrap 4 to have it as selected framework default and also have it locally included so it is ready for the theme manager
  • When creating a new PHP based web site, automatically select to use routing in apache

But wait there is more!

Wappler 3.0.0 - beta 5

A small bug fixed update in between. To address some urgent issues and also add some improvements as well.


  • Implemented also the new NodeJS templating for Docker in NodeJS. Note - you need to save the project targets settings again
  • Improved Docker templates projects for NodeJS to automatically create a template based index page
  • Improved managing on the Global Server Connect options for NodeJS, specially debug setting
  • Allow pages and layouts to be in sub folders
  • Add more name validation checks to pages and folders creation
  • Refresh routes after creating new ones automatically
  • Added views to the watched folders
  • New module for cookie parsing
  • Updated Docker Images for NodeJS
  • small fixes for validator and app not starting

Database Connector for NodeJS

  • special case for type first (single query)

Git Manager

  • Fixed git commit lock staying forever

Code View

  • Improved PHP code escaping in code view. Now even very old php code can be read and rendered well in design view without breaking things.


  • new signing certificate for Windows installer