Wappler 3.0.0 Beta 2 Released

Wappler 3.0.0 Beta 2 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/beta/

Latest stable 2.9.1 is still available
You can switch as you wish

What’s New

Another 3.0 beta specially for you to check out! Now with great UI improvements and NodeJS support!

Welcome the New Pages Manager!

We have greatly redesigned managers sidebar and grouped the new Page Manager, Asset Manager and File Manager together
The Page Manager is the default view so you can concentrate in making pages for your site and apps and don’t be bothered with all the other secondary files.
You can still access the file manager of course, but it is becoming more a secondary option.
In The Page Manager you can organize much better your pages and give them a great thumbnail and description so you know what is it all about.
Also a much better search and sort is available.

Pages Manager

  • New Pages Manager! Now you can quickly see and select the pages your are working on your project
  • New reorganization of Project Manager - now Pages, Assets and Files are available sub panels
  • Filter common Wappler folders
  • Show only pages files
  • New page thumbnail picker

Assets Manager & Routing Manager

  • Added colored icons

Theme Manager

  • Improved Theme Manager to work fine with sites with different webroot like NodeJS ones

NodeJS Support

  • Fully implemented the Server Connect file upload and high performance image resize in NodeJS
  • Fully automatically install new packages for NodeJS when needed
  • Auto update Server Connect files automatically on NodeJS project open
  • Pick Server Connect paths always Project Root relative for NodeJS
  • You can now have file uploads outside of the public root in NodeJS

Database Manager

  • Improved default SSL connections with the Database Manager. Don’t verify CA as it isn’t needed.

Database Connector

  • Improved Database Custom Query so it works in NodeJS environment

Style Manager

  • use no unit as default for line height