Wappler 3.0.0 Beta 1 Released

Wappler 3.0.0 Beta 1 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/beta/

Latest stable 2.9.1 is still available
You can switch as you wish

What’s New

It’s time! Wappler 3.0 beta 1 is here for you to try it out!

All the great new cool features that we have introduced you lately are all included!
The Bootstrap 4 Theme Manager, Database Manager and Firebase Hosting are now fully included!

We have also redesigned the Visual Query Builder in our Database Connector!
It is so much more intuitive and easy to use!

But there is one thing extra - full blown NodeJS integration is included!

Now you can fully use the huge potential of NodejS in web development and build amazing solutions!
We have included it as a new Server Connect Model and it integrates greatly with our Database Manager and Database Connector and Updater!

Also it is so easy to setup! Everything is included a full blown local development server and all the needed packages!
See the Using NodeJS tutorial to get you started

Note the Wappler 3.0 beta is a separate download, for you to try out.
We plan to have a few more beta’s before the official release.

In case of problems you can just download the last stable release of Wappler 2.9.1

NodeJS Support

  • New project options for NodeJS server model and toolbar
  • Full NodeJS implementation in Server Connect!
  • Fully Implemented the Database Connector & Updater for NodeJS!
  • Simplified Database Connection choice in Server Connect for NodeJS - you just choose from the defined connections in the Database Manager
  • Allow NodeJS database connection editing from Database Manager
  • Fully auto close and start local dev servers on project change or close
  • Added monitoring of the local development server (nodemon) and set the toolbar status accordingly
  • Automatic restart the local server on file changes like server action changes
  • Improved switching of the node projects and auto start of the local server
  • Implement support for NodeJS routing
  • Auto enable routing on new NodeJS projects
  • Optimized the node local dev server processes to use less resources
  • Show terminal / active local dev server in toolbar
  • Cleaned up the nodeJS toolbar and added Node Packages Clean command next to install and update
  • add more schema support for the new node and Database Manager in Database Connector
  • Auto create the needed NodeJS app folders on new project

Database Manager

  • Change default MySQL docker sample data to use InnoDB engine
  • Added support for retrieving Postgres relations and comments
  • Added more checks to sanitize connection names and chck for doubles when creating new connections.
  • Add default connection name on new connections
  • Also added sanitation and connection names on rename
  • optimized MySQL schema retrieval
  • New in the Edit Table Data Dialog - now you can fully filter the table data with a Query Builder!
  • Lots of speed improvements in the data fetching and display of the Edi Table dialog
  • Improvements in styling of the Query builder in Data Manager Edit Data Table
  • Show missing Database Connection in Server Connect so they can be renamed
  • Fixed Server Connect Connection saving
  • Completely delete a database connection if requested - also old orphaned ones
  • Also improve the rename of a database connection
  • Automatically add incremental id field on new tables
  • Added new Reset Changes History action to wipe to changes history and start from scratch

Google Firebase Hosting

  • Improved toolbar with options to directly manage the local development server
  • Automatic startup of Firebase local development server
  • Improved Firebase toolbar and automatic local development server start and shutdown

Visual Query Builder

  • improved the conditional group in query builder


  • Optimize Database Connector and Updater dialogs.

Terminal & Publishing toolbar

  • Implemented much faster terminal based on WebGL for blazing rendering performance
  • Improved terminal input with the new terminal
  • Optimized rendering of the publishing toolbar

App Connect & Server Connect Data Picker

  • New code view mode next to the design mode of the visual expression builder. Now you can easyly swtich to code view for that expression and edit the code of it directly. The code view is also fully color coded

Server Connect

  • Added Server Connect 2.0 - with full NodeJS support